Saffire is a national alliance of companies providing specialized professional services in fire safety and codes. Committed to technical excellence, Saffire combines the best skills and experience of ARENCON Inc. and
GHL Consultants Ltd. Together, we provide unequalled services for clients, whether they are across Canada or around the world.

Saffire provides fire safety and code consulting services for the industrial, construction, facility management, legal, insurance and government sectors. Our work varies from small projects for local companies to large projects involving multi-million dollar properties.

Saffire has years of experience in both designing and evaluating fire protection systems in a number of sectors. We have experience with automatic sprinklers, water mist systems, foam systems, Halon replacement gases and fire detection. We also provide conceptual design and plant layout services. Saffire has extensive experience in the use and design of mathematical models for measuring the impact of fires and explosions, including custom-made evaluation models. We have used modelling to simulate fire spread, measure the effectiveness of smoke control, the effect of an explosion, the time required to exit a fire zone and more.

Technical excellence in the Saffire group is based on three key elements to service delivery.

Customer Satisfaction

We maintain high technical standards. That's why we are committed to customer satisfaction. We listen to your needs, select a work plan to meet these needs and review our findings with you.

Quality Management

Quality is a key issue across our industry. We have our own internal process-based quality system. It helps us ensure that client objectives are reviewed at every stage of work and that we deliver a quality product.

Professional Commitment

We comply with the codes of conduct for each of our respective professional organizations. Part of our commitment to technical excellence is also being active in industry associations and code organizations. We're proud of our leadership in this area. For more information see our Key Personnel section.